School photo - Form 3A 1967/68

Old Bordenian Bob Wiberg sent in this photo of Form 3A from 1967 / 1968.  

Form 3A_Borden_Grammar_School

Names shown below:

These have been provided by Peter Nokes and Cliff Cork:

Back row:- Dave Shoebridge; Paul 'Spanner' Baron; Dave 'Fred' Wheately; Robert 'Mig' Wiberg; Paul 'Drac' Dracott; Graham 'Dozy' Driscoll; Richard 'Dick' Esling; Andrew 'Muzza' Murray; Dave 'Twitty' Witts.

Middle Row:- Stephen 'Sid' Morley; David 'Paddy' Dickson; Andrew Smith; Ashley 'Fish' Phillips; Clive Cummins; Richard 'Glick' Garlick; David 'Hig' Highton; Geoffery Baker; Peter 'Knocker' Nokes.

Front Row:- ?? Dave Harris ?? ; Andrew Price; John Martin; ? 'Lucy' Attwell; Cliff 'Crick' Cork; Martin Ralph (??); John Pritchard; Lesley 'Tatty' Simmons; Peter 'Bog' Sellen.