BGS Meccano Club

School clubs were the staple of many a Borden pupil - Chess Club with Mr Sayer and Wargames with Alun Davies spring to this Editors mind. But delve further back and it seems the School had some interesting other clubs. 

Alan Wilson spotted something on the internet which sparked an email to us. Alan explains all:

"I came across these two pages (see documents below) from The Meccano Magazine, issued by the Meccano Guild, for sale on the internet. One has a photo of the committee members of the Borden Grammar School Meccano Club and the other has a photo of the then Secretary of the BGSMC. I think the pages must be from the 1949 edition of the magazine as there is a reference to it celebrating its 30th year and it was formed in 1919. It was obviously a very successful club, having gained 13,000 new members in its 30th anniversary year and in its lifetime had enrolled more than 150,000 members. I note that one of the pages is page 398 of the magazine, another indication, perhaps, of the popularity of the magazine, the club and the hobby.

John Weekes is in one of the photos. The text indicates that The Borden Grammar School MC was affiliated to the The Meccano Guild in May 1929 and was revived under the leadership of John Weekes  in November 1948. Many OBA members will remember John as a stalwart of the BGS staff, having taught at BGS for 39 Years. During my years at BGS, John taught physics and woodwork. John was a Vice President of Old Bordenian Hockey Club. As far as I know, John did not play for the Club but was a club umpire and encouraged pupils to play for the Club. Probably, like me, many OBA members will remember John as a very likeable man with a ready smile and always willing to lend assistance with any problem."


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