David Jenkins - further tribute

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Paul Martin (1990-1996) wrote to the OBA with a personal tribute to David Jenkins.

With his permission, we publish it below:


In 1995, I was a cocky 17 year old in David's A level Physics class. I was often competing in Karate tournaments, consistently gaining medals,  which gave me the idea that I was the toughest pupil in the school, if not the country?!
David was a keen fencer and during one of our 'debates' (which had nothing to do with Physics), he told me that the martial arts I had trained in, were not designed to defend against the swords used in fencing! I took this statement as a direct challenge and at the next fencing club meeting, I squared off against David! I was unarmed but before the match began, David did ask that I not hurt him which made my head swell even more! 
With expert timing, lightning speed and the skill you would expect from an over confident 17 year old, I lost a hand and suffered 2 punctured lungs in the first match! After slightly changing my tactics from my huge array of punching and kicking techniques and David downgrading his weapon from a Rapier to an Epee,  he neatly skewered me through the heart before I could even let the 'k' out of my kiai! I admitted defeat and even worse, admitted I was wrong (a good lesson for being in a relationship for 23 years).
Mr Jenkins was an excellent Physics teacher, but to me, he was a whole lot more than that! He taught me some valuable life lessons, like humility and not to judge a book by its cover. Probably one of the most important lessons he ever taught me, DON'T get into a fight with someone holding a sword!
David will, I'm sure, be missed by a lot of people and my thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.