Maroon 2009

Maroon 2009_front_and_back_cover

The Maroon was the original publication produced by the Old Bordenian Association.  The last edition was published and distributed to members in 2009.  Whilst it's passing was a sad occasion and was mourned at the time by many Old Boys, this unfortunately didn't extend to any volunteers to take over the production and editing of the magazine.  The website has now taken over as the communication vehicle for the Association, and I aim to add to the site as many of the old Maroon publications as possible over the coming months / years to ensure they are available to as wide an audience as possible.  I am starting with the last edition.  I will also add the contents of each edition on the website, separate from the pdf of the actual magazine, to enable any searches of the website (using the search box at the top right of the website) to find specific articles.

Old Bordenian on stage at Glastonbury!

If anyone wonders what happens to OBs that fail to pay attention in class, and you happen to be at Glastonbury this year, come along and see Barclay James Harvest on the Acoustic Stage on Friday 24th June. I'll be at the back of the space pushing up faders and pressing buttons as I'm their lighting designer for this event.

I can't promise wearing the OBA tie, but I'll try and write about it when I return.


Ken Coker 1969 - 1976

History 'O' Level paper - 1962

As we approach the end of the traditional GCE examination season, I thought it would be appropriate to reproduce a number of examination papers from earlier years.  These were published on the original website a few years ago, but were lost when we moved to the new site in 2013.  I have added the papers to the OBA Flickr site as it is easier to expand the papers to a legible size.

This link will take you to the 1962 History 'O' Level paper (now GCSE) - Click on the individual pages to expand.

Brian Tyler - obituary

We are sorry to hear that Brian Tyler passed away peacefully on 24 April, 2016, aged 86.  The funeral service took place on Tuesday 10 May at 1pm, at the Garden of England Crematorium, Bobbing.  

Peter Lusted, OBA vice-President, commented "I cannot claim to be one of Brian's contemporaries, but first met him when I started playing for the Old Boys Football team, aged 17 in 1968.  Brian was the "old man" playing wide on the left side.  It soon became clear that this "old man" was a player of some quality and could certainly teach the young Old Boys a thing or two.  I subsequently learnt that he had played for Portsmouth. Brian was one of life's and football's gentlemen and it was always good to see him at Old Boys' Dinners and have a chat.  A sad loss indeed."

Wartime Heroes Remembered

Wartime Heroes book cover

Recently a new book has been published which will be of interest to Old Bordenians.  Written by Sally Jenkins, daughter of Old Bordenian Bob Jenkins and dedicated to his memory, it is called Wartime Heroes of Borden Grammar School Remembered.  It comprises around 250 pages, including just over 40 pages of School history from 1878 onwards.  The bulk of the Book, however, is devoted to a collection of biographical details of over 60 of the 90 or so Old Boys killed on active service in WW1 and WW2 - a poignant reminder of the debt of gratitude we owe to so many young men who gave their lives.

It is part funded by Swale Borough Council and published by the Sittingbourne Heritage Museum, 67 East Street, Sittingbourne ME10 4BQ. where copies are available.  Copies are also obtainable by post (cost £10.95 inc P & P) ; enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Old Bordenians Football Club - Reunion

The Old Bordenian Football club 11-a-side team ceased playing in 1992 and, although a 5-a-side section formed shortly afterwards, there was nothing to bring them all together again. Therefore it was decided to create an event which would hopefully do just that. Nothing strenuous was considered, so it was just a meeting in a pub without the need to play football!