Why join the Old Bordenian Association?

 I think I should start by making it clear that what follows is not necessarily the official view of the Association but the thoughts of just one very, very Old Boy.

In trying to answer the question, my first instinct was to draw up a list of the benefits that any Old Bordenian can get from Membership of the Association, but in some ways to do this is to miss the point. I found myself returning to that old President John F. Kennedy exhortation : “Ask not what your Country can do for you. Ask instead what you can do for your Country”. The fact is that the tangible advantages are somewhat vague or insubstantial, and at the end of the day the Association exists as much for the benefit of the School as for its Members.

Moving Forward

Now that the Website has continued its evolution by becoming firmly attached to the school website, it seemed a good time to remind Old Boys of how our news used to be distributed by way of the Maroon.

Maroon 1968

This article by Charles Harris appeared in the 1968 Maroon.  Charles was a printer in Sittingbourne and a keen supporter of the Old Bordenians as his article explains.  Always one to offer advice on how to put the world to rights, Charles also kept the rest of the Committee on their toes with his deadlines for printing the Maroon. Without Charles and the line of excellent editors that produced the Maroon, news and information about Old Boys would just not have been produced.

Now of course we have moved forward, perhaps at our own pace, but we can distribute news instantly around the world on the website.  Costs compared to printing the Maroon are minimal, so that means that a greater proportion of Old Boys' subscriptions can be passed to the school for suitable projects.

Any news media needs articles, information and news, so please support your website by putting fingers to keyboards and pressing the "Send" button.

Peter Lusted

Website Digest 2012

We have again produced an easily accessible and printable copy of all the articles posted on the website over the past year, similar to the now discontinued annual publication – the Maroon.  It includes all material suitable for printed format from January 2012 to December 2012.  To access the digest, click this link:  Website_Digest_2012_v1.0.pdf

David Palmer

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