School News - February 2020

Jonathan Hopkins has left his role as Headmaster at the School at the end of 2019. He moves onto a school closer to his home in Canterbury.

In his message to Parents, he provided the following view of his time at the School:

I’ve very much enjoyed leading the school since September 2013. Obviously Ofsted visited us twice in this period and the school received strong endorsements on both occasions of the quality of education that Borden provides. Throughout my time staff have benefited from the support of parents and we work hard to keep building a vibrant school community. That our attendance is the highest in Swale tells you something about the school we are – one that people want to be at!

In 2013 I inherited a school which had significant financial challenges and am pleased to be leaving the students and staff in a much healthier position. However, whilst our finances are better, Borden understands that people matter, students and staff are at the heart of who we are and what we do. The school exists to serve the local community and be a difference. On the whole we do this well, we can always improve and are always prepared to listen.

When I started at Borden the school had less than 80 first choices from the local community. Over the past six years the profile of the school has changed notably and the school roll is much stronger and healthier than what I was presented with! If my legacy is to ensure the continuation of a purposeful grammar school in Sittingbourne then we have achieved something together that was not a certainty back in 2013.”

Pupils are proving to be active in supporting charity. Year 12 organised and successfully ran RAG week to raise funds for the charity CLIC Sargent, which included a daily snack shop, a quiz, raffles and daily sporting events. Over £1000 was raised for this cause. Students in Year 7 have taken part in a ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’. For each day in December, one student per form group brought in an item of food suitable for donating to the Swale Foodbank. The form captains and deputies delivered the donations from their peers which included a range of goods from dried and tinned foods to essential toiletries. Year 7 students also led fundraising as part of the Christmas Fair and working with the PFA to raise £544.85 to support the school.

In Football, Year 7 won the district league and the Senior School 2nd XI are currently in the top spot, however both teams in 2nd and 3rd have games in hand so exactly where they will finish is yet to be seen.