BGS Prefects 1974-75

This year celebrates (!?) 40 years since the class of 1968 - 1975 left the school.  I have been sent a picture of the prefects of that final year; this is reproduced below.  I note that, to comply with the ruling at the time on the length of hair being above the collar, hairstyles grew high and wide!!

Borden Grammar_School_Prefects_1975 

Top row left to right

Graeme Steady

John Davies

Martin Smith

Mark ‘Chiz’ Beach

Matthew Sharman

Gary Oriss

Robert Webb

Simon Rouse

Andrew ‘Bert’ Lane

Christopher Willson

Julian Bore

David Milas

Laurence Clemons

Bottom Row left to right

Nigel Dickson

Paul Fletcher

Paul Dutnall

Malcolm Lucas

Terry Veal

Bryan Short

John Weekes

Michael Ainsworth

John Greaves

Matthew Homan

David Connor