25 Years On!!

Were you a Borden pupil 25 years ago?  When there were no First or Second Formers (or should that be Year 7 and Year 8 students in modern terms?) wandering the corridors.  If so, you may find the 1989 Borden School magazine, reproduced below, of interest.  Do any of the reports within the magazine jog memories?  Feel free to share your thoughts with other Old Boys by sending them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll publish on this website.

Bordenian 89

Click on each of the "Page" links below to open the scanned page. I've given a brief summary of the content of each of the links.

Page 1: Summer 89 - Editorial

Pg 2-3: School Governors

Pg 4-5: News & Notes; Parents & Friends

Pg 6-7: Valedictories

Pg 8-9: Valedictories (cont); Old Boys' Successes

Pg 10-11: Successes (cont); Prizegiving

Pg 12-13: Prize List - 1988

Pg 14-15: Prizes (cont); After Hours - school clubs

Pg 16-17: After Hours - school clubs (cont)

Pg 18-19: After Hours - school clubs (cont)

Pg 20-21: Sports & Games (Games Staff 1988-89)

Pg 22-23: Sports & Games (House comps, Soccer)

Pg 24-25: Sports & Games (Hockey & Cricket results)

Pg 26-27: Sports & Games (Sports Day 89, Athletics)

Pg 28-29: Sports & Games (Squash, Football report)

Pg 30-31: Sports & Games (Football & Hockey reports)

Pg 32-33: Sports & Games (Hockey & Cricket reports)

Pg 34-35: Club News (Chess, Fencing, Orchestra)

Pg 36-37: Club News (Radio, Jazz, Folk, Debating)

Pg 38-39: Club News (Debates)

Pg 40-41: School Parliament; Trips

Pg 42-43: Trips (cont)

Pg 44-45: Trips (cont)

Pg 46-47: Trips (cont)

Pg 48-49: School Play

Pg 50-51: School Play (cont); Away From The Chalk-face

Pg 52-53: Away From The Chalk-face (cont)

Pg 54-55: Endpieces (Film Search)

Pg 56-57: Endpieces (cont)

Pg 58-59: Endpieces (cont)

Pg 60: Advertisements

Back cover: Advertisement