1967 Form 4A Photos - updated

In May 2020 we put up a photo of Form 4A of 1967 from Graham Harris. Brian Good (1964-69) has been in touch to provide a few further names to the list!


Brian hailed from Eastchurch and, like Island pupils before and after him, had a long journey to School every day! In 1968 his family moved to Canterbury for an even longer journey every day. Brian later moved to Simon Langton School for his A Levels. Eventually Brian ended up teaching at the University of Surrey and now lives in Hampshire. He'd welcome contact with any old friends from that time - you can always try and contact old school friends via us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


To the photo: Brian is the “DNK” at the far right of the back row. He says the tall boy in the middle is Geoffrey Lane (His nickname was “Lanky” because he was the tallest boy in the class). In the middle row at the far left is John Jasnoch, and the boy on the far right, immediately in front of me, is Al Rains. Brian thinks the DNK in the front row might be Greg Fallon, who joined  midway through the school from Bexley.


The photos below have been updated to include Brian and Graham's attempts to name those in the photo. There is also still the photo of the 2nd XI Football Team of that year.

If you know any other names or have any photos from the time - let us know!


GH Borden Grammar School Form 4A 1967 8


Back Row - Graham Harris/Mark Absolom/Chris Hughes/Geoffrey 'Lanky' Lane/Al Thomas/Nick Wyver/John Hartfield/Brian Good
Middle Row - John Jasnoch/Jonathan Bore/Andrew Rye/David Vowles/Peter Fedarb/Timothy Walker/Richard Davis/Al Rains
Front Row - Ron Willot/John Mills/Michael Salter/Paul Vandepeer/Paul Bishenden/John Barnes/ John Bunyon?/Greg Fallon?/Peter Hunt


GH BGS 2nd XI 1967 68