1967 Form 4A Photos

We recently put up a photo of the Form 3A of 1967 on the website. Graham Harris dropped us a line to offer up a photo of Form 4A from the same year. 

The photos below also include Graham's attempt to name those in the photo; he has also provided a photo of the 2nd XI Football Team of that year.

If you know any other names - let us know!


GH Borden Grammar School Form 4A 1967 8


Back Row - Graham Harris/Mark Absolom/Chris Hughes/Lanky Lane/Al Thomas/Nick Wyver/John Hartfield/DNK
Middle Row - ??? Jasnoch/Jonathan Bore/Andrew Rye/David Vowles/Peter Fedarb/Timothy Walker/Richard Davis/Rains?
Front Row - Ron Willot/John Mills/Michael Salter/Paul Vandepeer/Paul Bishenden/John Barnes/ John Bunyon?/DNK/Peter Hunt


GH BGS 2nd XI 1967 68