Sports photographs from the 1960s

Old Bordenian Cliff Cork (BGS 1965-1972) has discovered several photos from the archives of Sittingbourne Heritage Museum. A few sporting members of the committee have added some details, but if you can provide any missing names or dates, please send them to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sports -_senior_1_mile Sports day - senior mile

Date: unknown.

Runners: Stevens (right); Lewis (left)

Spectators: John Weekes - right, Ken Booth -left (Latin), Mr Bishton - to the right of Ken Booth

 BGS Hockey_plain_shirts Hockey - plain shirts

Date: 1966 / 1967

Roger Beer, Malcolm Lambkin, Paul Akhurst, Phil Leadbetter, Michal Lehane, David Jarrett,

Ian Cross, Paul Dobson, Phil Wyatt, Greg Pope, Tony Holland

BGS -_hockey_quarter_shirts Hockey - quartered shirts

Date: 1962 / 1963

George Welch, Bill Webb, Paul Taylor, Andy Ogle, John Shepherd, Ian Ballard

Bob Whelan, ?, Richard Chadwick, ?, John Stapley

School sports_-_with_javelinSports - javelin

Date: unknown

?, ?, Dickie Reed, ?,  ? Fraser, Geoff Fuller,

?,  ?,  Alec Proven, Chris Fuller, ?,

Greg Pope, Chris Sayer, Ron Gleeson, Graham Brignall, Johnny Pritchard

School sports_-_hurdles Sports Day - hurdles

Date: Unknown

?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Football teamFootball team - may not be BGS

Date: unknown

?, ?, ?, ?, Graham Lambkin(?)

Frank Penfold, Paul Harris, ?, ?

29/11/16: Updated information provided by Paul Taylor (1956-63)

22/2/21: Further information provided by Steve Williams