OBA recognition of School staff

The objectives of our Association include assiting the School.  We have worked to contribute to support Pupils' wellbeing and amenity and the fabric of the School.  The Staff who work in the School are equally part of that equation.  After two calendar years of working under the shadow of the pandemic, the Association thought we should offer a small, but fun thank you to the Staff. 

So the Chairman was tasked with providing some refreshment for the staff - Teaching and otherwise - as a thank you.  Perhaps in past days a bottle of Sherry or two would have been welcomed in the Staff Room but to lift the spirits in the modern age there was only one foodstuff we knew would hit the spot - Doughnuts!

Pictured below was our gift to the teaching staff to say an ongoing 'Thank You' for the work and dedication to the School and its pupils.


Christmas gift