School News

The School provides regular newsletters to the Parents of pupils and we will henceforth reproduce any interesting news on the OBA website. The most recent newsletter was in July, marking the end of the School year.

The text below is quoted verbatim from the newsletter.

- Sports news

Athletics: The District athletic events have been well attended by all schools in Swale. As ever Borden’s athletes were highly competitive and won a large number of events at each meet. Notable performances included those by the Year 7 and 9 teams. In addition the following boys have represented Swale at the County finals: Will Jury; Jamie Berkman; Luke Stringer; Ethan Gear; Haydn Gear and Nathan Eke. Furthermore, Jamie, Ethan, Haydn and Luke going on to represent Kent. Congratulations go to all boys who took part, particularly those who went on to compete at a higher level.

Cricket: KS3 cricket has been on something of a sticky wicket this year, while net sessions have been well attended at times and many players have made some very pleasing individual developments in their game, teams from 7-9 have struggled in the 20/20 version of the game. However, much greater success was had by Year 7 & 8 who both won their district super 6 events (a compressed/faster version of the game). The school’s first XI had a very positive season (despite not having as many games as they would have liked) and finished second in their league and reached the Kent Cup Semi Final.

Football (is never too far away): The following boys were also chosen for the U14 District Football Team following recent selection process: Tom Green; Travis Oti; Bleu Landau; Tom Farley; Kieron Agbebi; Alfie King; Harrison Boyce –Huggins; George Murphy.

Sports Day Friday 12 July: Mr French, the PE staff and the teachers dedicate a lot of time to provide a Sports Day that is both competitive and inclusive – something that is not always achieved in every school I have worked in. Consequently participation and sweat levels are very high and partially offset by the presence of the ice-cream van in the afternoon! Sports day had very high participation rates this year with some fierce competition in all three sports (handball, hockey and athletics). In the last race (eagerly awaited) of the day the prefect team comfortably beat the staff this year. More training and less trips to local eating establishments are required. Nonetheless, the race was still a fitting tribute to Mr Robbins who ran in his final ever staff relay – at a respectable pace!

- Business competition

Year 9 Business of Enterprise: This term all of Year 9 have been involved in the annual Business of Enterprise project, forming small companies, developing a product or service and presenting their ideas in school to local business leaders. From over 200 companies across Kent, one of our groups from Borden made the Grand Final at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Bishopsgate. The company, 'Night Era', consisted of students from 9PAL: Max Eshelby, Harry Searle-Dighton, Joe Mital, Chandler Dixon, Alfie King and Kyle Harris, who developed a product in the market which deals with the problem of sleep deprivation - which effects up to 67% of the UK population. Their product was a Night Box, which consists of four sample teabags of different flavours, an eye mask, six sample incense sticks, meditation plan, and a list of food that aids sleep. The judges were particularly impressed with the idea of the huge potential of the Night Box being used in the Gift Market. Team members presented confidently without reading from scripts, and won the prize for the Best Enterprising Idea, a superb achievement!

In addition the team that finished as runners-up, also from 9PAL, in Borden’s own competition ''AstroGlow” went on to represent the school at the regional final at Cummins Power Generation in Ramsgate. The team was composed of Joe Potter, Will Moody, Sean Breslin, Coran Croughton and Tom Farley. They were the first team to present; and at the end of the day, they walked away with the Best Enterprising Idea Trophy! The concept of emergency lights, which can be used in indoor sports halls, town halls, other institutions, as well as, in saving lives in high tower private dwellings (such as Grenfell Tower). Coran Croughton, in particular, was fantastic in responding to technical questions from the judges relating to the prototype.

- Farewell to Borden!

It is always sad to say farewell to staff and the following teachers are leaving his summer. They are summarised in an order that reflects the years of service given to the school:

Mr Robbins has served Borden extremely well for....38 years! He is entering the well-deserved phase of life inaccurately called ‘retirement’ when for Mr Robbins new adventures begin! In his time at Borden Mr Robbins has led departments and year groups and has provided invaluable support to the Leadership Group, colleagues, students and parents alike. Mr Robbins has taught Mathematics, PE, RE and Physics. Outside of the classroom he has led pantomimes, organised and supported countless trips and visits and helped to lead the Christian Union. Mr Robbins has put so much into the lives of thousands of youngsters, many of whom still ask to see him when they visit the school now on Open Evenings for their respective children.

Dr Al-Mudaris does not like a lot of fuss and attention but has inspired countless students with his passion for teaching Chemistry over the past 18 years. In his leaving speech Dr Green referenced how ‘there isn’t anything about Chemistry that Dr Al-Mudaris doesn’t know’ - so extensive is his knowledge. The school appreciates the commitment he has shown to both staff and students alike. We wish him well.

Mr Phillips has taught Business and ICT at Borden for 10 years. In particular he has established ICT successfully within the curriculum where it is always popular at GCSE and Advanced Level. Mr Phillips is off to pursue new adventures, probably abroad.

Dr Green was the first member of staff that Mr Hopkins promoted six years ago and is now paying the price for his expertise and professionalism! After initially training to teach at Borden, Dr ‘Prof’ Green has taught Chemistry for seven years with distinction. He has been a very effective Head of Year in the Sixth Form team and is receiving a well-deserved promotion as he becomes Head of Department at a Kent grammar school close to where he lives in Thanet.

Mrs Pennells has taught Art, DT & Photography part-time for two years and is leaving to take up a new teaching post at her old school.

Mr Grant has taught Mathematics for two years and is leaving teaching to take up a new career with Kent police.