Dennis Fowle asks "Were exams tougher or easier 70 years ago ?"

We are always pleased to reconnect with Old Bordenians from whom we have not heard from in a while.  Dennis Fowle was at the School 1945-51 and as we reconnected, offered this thoughtful look at the standards back in the day:

"Is the General Certificate of Education (GCSE) easier or more difficult for students than the General School Examination (GSE) it replaced in 1988 in many schools?

I certainly am not brave enough to offer an opinion – but I can offer a few of the questions I had to tackle in the summer of 1950 at Borden Grammar School.

Poetry Corner

Thank you to Philip Drury (At School 1966 -73) for sending in his reworking of Adlestrop by Edward Thomas which reflects his memories of travelling to/from Sheppey on the train.

David Jenkins - OB and Teacher

Its with great sadness we learn of the passing of David Jenkins (1960-2022) who was both an Old Bordenian through his studies at the School (1973-1978) and teaching career which ended in 2015.  Many OBs will have known 'Dave' Jenkins as a fellow pupil during his years or studied under him in his Science classes.