Tony Akehurst bequest

Tony Akehurst (who left the School in 1955) died in February and has left a £500 bequest to the Association.

Tony was successful at athletics, particularly sprints, hurdles, long and high jump and was a member of Sheppey Athletics Club. He was also goalkeeper for the school football 1st XI. He joined the Army after leaving the School.

Mike Akehurst, Tony's son, contacted us to let us know that he had left a £500 bequest to the Association.

We thank Mike for arranging this and mark his Father's death here on the Association website. The work of the Association to support the School and remember those who have passed through its doors is benefited by bequests like Tony's; we rely on member's donations and leaving a bequest (however large or small) is a great way to ensure the Association continues its work.